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2017 South route


Current progress

of collected funds for children
amazing fans of CKM for kids FB
Driven since we bought the car and it still didn’t collapse
tattoos that can be shown on only one job recruitment meeting
to Złombol start



Like in every game, after each level achieved, our fundraising campaign will grow, and our trip will get wilder. Check out what you can expect from each steps!


Level One

We’re going to Złombol!


level of accomplishment

To thank you for your engagement in our campaign, we will organise a party for all the backers in Wroclaw after we will come back from Spain!

Polonez will get an upgrade – stylish tuning stickers!


Level two

Returtning on wheels!


level of accomplishment

To thank you for your support we will start a talk show on our facebook page with all the hitchhikers gathered on the way, asking all the difficult questions you will propose!

Polonez will get an upgrade! Air valve lights


Level three

120 per hour!


level of accomplishment

To thank you for your support, we will implement themes for every day of our trip. Obviously it will be up to you how we will dress and behave. And obviously we will stream live the reactions of hitchhikers entering a car full of male nuns for you!

Polonez will get an upgrade! CD under mirror – +10 anti speed radar!

Level Four

It’s ironical that Jackass includes the name of our team captain…


level of accomplishment

To thank you for your support, we will run a scientific experiment. For entire day we will listen looped song of your choice. On a livestreaming you will be able to observe change of our behaviour and emotions 😀

Polonez will get an upgrade! Welded wide exhaust!


Level Five

It’s getting hot in here!

Level of accomplishment

To reach this level, we will need a lot of engagement from your side and tons of help. That’s why we are waiting with the announcement of what we will do after reaching it until you’re with us to tell what would you like to see 🙂

Polonez will get an upgrade! We don’t know what will it be, but it will be beautiful!


Check out why you should support us today!

Below 8 EUR

Occasional Coffee Drinker

Below 8 EUR

Just resign one cup of coffe to bring a smile to a kid’s face. We will keep you in our memory and you will also get a summary of everything that was accomplished thanks to our crowdfunding campaign.

Over 8 EUR

Forgotten pizza

Over 8 EUR

Eat a carrot instead of ordering a pizza. Thanks to this you will be invited to ELITE group of our backers, where you will be able to decide major aspects of our little ride, like theme, or song we will listen to all the time.


Over 25 EUR

Netflix & Chill

Over 25 EUR

Just take it easy upcoming weekend. Instead of going to clubs, wath a movie. Thanks to this you will be able to become our virtual companion. We will take your picture with us, acting like you’re there!


Over 125 EUR

Friend from under the bridge

Over 125 EUR

Just don’t pay a rent for one month. Saved money can give you a possibility to get a map to secret, treasure hidden on a Spanish beach. It can be up to you what kind of treasure it is. Due to fact we have only one shovel, amount of maps limited!


In case you have a business or know one

below 400 EUR

Little branding

below 400 EUR

To thank you for every symbollic support, we will add a sticker with your logo to our car, website, fanpage and will mention you in movies summarising our trip.

over 400 EUR

Brand friends

over 400 EUR

Besides everything offered in previous package (twice bigger logo), companies backing us with this amount will have a possibility to set a stand on a official start of Złombol 2017.

Over 1250 EUR

Product placement our wat

Over 1250 EUR

Companies backing us with this amount can expect a creative marketing during our trip in the videos recorded on the way. How to fix a car using a wrapping of your product? Let’s check this out together!

Over 4 000 EUR

Friends forever

Over 4 000 EUR

Companies backing us up with this amount can expect a visit on a company celebration, year summary and all the public media appearences we will have after the race in t-shirts presenting your logo.

Special package


40 000 EUR

True brand lovers

One of our team members will make a tattoo with your company logo

guaranteeing to keep it for 10 years

How to donate?

Make a transfer on the account:

Account holder:
Fundacja Nasz Slask im. gen. Jerzego Zietka
z siedziba w Chorzowie przy ul. Lani 1

Bank details:

ING Bank Slaski
II Oddzial w Katowicach
Pl.Sejmu Slaskiego 2
40-032 Katowice

Account: PL 72 1050 1214 1000 0023 2153 3859
Transfer tittle: Zlombol 17 – CK7256

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